I think people who work outside like brickies have funny sense of humours. I have heard that funeral directors have them too !!

Office people have a different sense of humour I think . I should know

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7 Responses to Which type of workers have a great sence of humour?

  1. Which type of workers have a great sence of humour? http://goo.gl/fb/TaL27 LSMscBZhome

  2. mango says:

    Postmen have a crazy sense of humour eg one postman I used to work with used to shout “one skin two skin three skin…” every half hour! Must be the boredom of sorting mail for years.

  3. holly says:


  4. past help says:

    Construction workers can have good craic depending on the foreman, some can be rights scum bags. Bad foreman bad site to work on. Its usually the ould tradesmen that have the quickest wit. Some of the things they say i couldn’t repeat. But some of the “jokes” aren’t funny like nailing somebodys boots to the tea hut floor with a paslode gun. Those boots cost up to 40 quid, no boots no job and the foreman can kick you off site for the boots being not up to spec. But in all the craic on a building site can be good.

  5. BabyPinkx says:

    My bf & his colleagues are all mechanics! I think when men get together in a work place they turn very childish obviously to get them through the day! They love it!

  6. josh k says:

    cab drivers like me .

  7. Mark says:

    Hi Wendy
    I am a shop fitter , but mine is worse tan any ones because i am a Scouser as well..