Like is it dry humour, or… Lol ..oh and what actually is dry humour?
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5 Responses to What type of humour is the film high fidelity?

  1. What type of humour is the film high fidelity? LSMscBZhome

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    It’s a parody or spoof.
    Dry humour is something your Mom would not think is funny.

  3. oleanna says:

    Errr, it’s really not a parody or spoof. In any way. Dry humour is generally the sort of humour based on irony or social commentary rather than slapstick or flat-out jokes. Basically the sort of humour you’d would smirk at and find funny but not laugh out loud at. High Fidelity does contain lots of dry humour but also some good old wet humour … take that how you will.

  4. Jon T says:

    It’s neither a spoof or a parody!
    It’s a black ‘romantic’ comedy about a guy who owns a record shop and gets dumped by his girlfriend and has to look at himself and the fact that he’s growing up.

  5. Chav Princess says:

    It’s dry humour…very good film.