Elvis Presley: The Man Behind Modern Pop Music and His Lyrical Controversy

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Elvis Presley: A Short Bio

Although that is a question that need not be asked because Elvis Presley is still a part of modern pop-culture, Elvis Presley was the king of rock and roll music and was the man behind the creation of that revolutionary genre of music. He is regarded as one of the most influential and important personalities of the twentieth century.Contribution to the Music World

His charisma and demeanor are still remembered, thirty four years after his death. Elvis was not only a revolutionary music legend, he also triggered the rock and roll movement in the late 1950s which led on to the development of the genre and the eventual creation of some of the most celebrated musical entities to have ever graced the stage.Early Life & Musical Career

He had inclinations towards music however his shyness always overcame his skill. When his father bought him a guitar for his birthday, he decided to start to learn how to play and sing alongside and thus the seeds of the greatest name in the history of rock and roll were sown.Echoes of Presley in Pop Culture Today

His distinctive hairstyle and his unique ‘thank you’ tone are still present in many segments of American subcultures and musical grapevines. His legacy helped shape rock and roll as it is today and inspired artists such as the Beatles, Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan. Although he did not write his own lyrics, he was and still remains the most recognized icon in rock and roll history.Famous Songs and Lyrics from Elvis Presley

Although Elvis was one of the best performers to ever grace the stage, he mostly sung songs that were written by other lyricists. The most celebrated numbers that Elvis sang in his deep, mellow voice are:

* Can’t Help Falling in Love’ from 1961 * Don’t Be Cruel * Love Me Tender * Return to Sender * It’s Now or Never * Jailhouse Rock

* Suspicious Minds * Heartbreak Hotel * Blue Suede Shoes * All Shook Up * Kentucky Rain * Burning Love

The Controversy: What Songs did Elvis Presley Write?

However, most of these songs were ‘co-written’ by Elvis along with famous lyricists such as Vera Matson, Otis Blackwell, Charlie Hodge and Red West. Elvis’ manager added his co-writer label for publicity but in actuality, Elvis did not write the songs that he performed. He was an ace of an entertainer and a gifted vocalist with a warm toned voice but he was not a talented songwriter; a fact which eventually led to severe criticism of his career and skepticism regarding his musical talent.

Others went as far as accusing Elvis of merely making covers of other artists’ lyrics and for profiteering from their creative work without giving them any due acknowledgement. One of his most famous covers was of ‘Johnny B. Goode’ which was originally sung by Chuck Berry in the 1950s. He was also supported by the African American segment of America’s music industry because of the encouragement and inspiration he directed towards the underprivileged African American minority in the country.

Tragic Death of Elvis PresleyHow did Elvis Die?

Presley fell to the addition of abusive drugs and his behavior was attributed to this addiction in his late years. His reliance on life threatening drugs caused the decline and nadir of his musical career and led onto his death in 1977.

His fall from grace was seen as an American tragedy because the once charismatic heart throb had lost his appeal and his demeanor due to excessive drug use which led to liver, heart and colon related diseases which eventually cost him his life.Elvis Presley Found Dead

The great king of rock and roll was found dead on his bathroom floor before a scheduled come-back performance. He is now the richest dead celebrity in the world, a title which has remained in place since 1977 with the exception of a few years during which Kurt Cobain took that title. His tassel ridden outfits are still popular in American pop-culture. Some Famous Quotes from Elvis Presley

From the time I was a kid, I always knew something was going to happen to me. Didn’t know exactly what

I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to

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